Creating Recipes

Video demonstration on getting started with recipes:

There are two ways to create new recipes with Kohmee

  • Import existing recipes 
  • Start with a new, blank recipe

To import an existing recipe, see our article on Importing Existing Recipes

To Create a New, Blank Recipe

1. Click on the grey "+" button at the top right of the page

2. Click "Add Recipes"

3. Enter your recipe information as desired. Below is a key to all the fields on the main recipe page.
  1. Recipe Title
  2. Category. You can enter any text or numerical values in the category field. You can enter the type of recipe, kitchen station responsible for it, etc. You can define your own categories as needed. 
  3. Yield Quantity. A numerical value for the recipe's yield.
  4. Yield. This can be any custom name you want. From "servings" to "hotel pans" to "gallons" etc.
  5. Ingredient Quantity. A numerical value for the individual ingredients
  6. Ingredient Unit. Common units are grams, pounds, cups, teaspoons etc. This could also include any custom field you wish ie. "ea.", "pkg" etc.
  7. Ingredient Name. Any preparation notes should also be included in this field, ie. "chopped," "chiffonade" etc.
  8. Recipe Method. Any instructions for preparing a recipe.
  9. Save Button
  10. Media. You can add photos, web links and video links to your recipes. For more information on adding media, see our article, Adding Media to Recipes

To edit the recipe details, first click on the icon with the 3 horizontal lines at the top left of the page, to extend the side menu. 

Then click the "Details" link on the left side menu. For more information see our article on Recipe Details.

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