Importing Existing Recipes

With the Kohmee recipe importer, you can convert existing recipes in seconds. The importer is optimized to work best with recipes in a plain text format. If you have recipes in a spreadsheet or table format, you will get the best results by converting to plain text.

Open your Kohmee account to the recipes tab and click on any recipe. Once on the view recipe page, click on the Import recipe button.

Open your recipe to be imported in a separate window. Select and copy all relevant text from your source.
Paste your text into the import field

1. Highlight the recipe Title and click "next"

2. Highlight any description text and click "next." 

Note that this is not necessary. If you do not have a description, do not select any text and click "next."

Highlight all ingredients and click "next"

Highlight the recipe method/instructions and click "next"

The converted recipe will appear in edit mode. Make any desired changes and click "save."

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