Adding Media To Recipes, Courses & Menus

You can add media to recipes, courses and menus, in the form of images, videos or html links. To add media to any of the following, click on the "edit" button on the right toolbar.

Click the "+" button.

To Add Images:

Click the "+" button. The "upload media" window will open to the image category. You can drag a photo onto the upload area or locate a file on your hard drive. 

Once the image has been uploaded you can zoom and crop.

To zoom, mouse over the image and scroll up or down to zoom in and out. The image will be cropped as it appears in the upload window.

The caption will default to the name of the image file. You can rename the caption manually. This can be helpful if you have complicated recipes that require a number of steps. Captions can be "step 1: ___", "step 2:____," etc.

To Add Video:

Click on the "video" tab of the "upload media" window.

Paste a youtube link and title into the fields below and click "add". The video will be linked to that recipe, course or menu.

To Add HTML links:

Click the "link" tab on the "upload media" window. Paste the link URL and title in the fields below and click "add."

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