Scaling Recipes and Courses

Recipes and courses can be scaled by clicking the scale icon on the upper right toolbar of the desktop view, or the top right menu on the mobile view.

The ingredient quantities will scale based on the numerical factor you enter. The scaled recipe will not save and will revert back to its original state when you navigate away from the view recipe page, or close the scale function.

The scale value you enter is a multiplier for the ingredient quantities. All recipes and courses default to a scale of 1 (for a 1x recipe). If you wish to double a recipe, enter a scale value of 2 (2x recipe). Enter 3 for 3-times recipe etc. 

If you wish to cut a recipe in half, enter a .5 value. You can enter any decimal value you want to create a fractional recipe.

1/4 recipe enter .25

1/2 recipe enter .5

1x recipe enter 1

2x recipe enter 2

Scaled ingredients will appear bold in green. Non-numerical values or unrecognized fractions will appear as an error and not scale with the remaining ingredients.

Saving a Scaled Recipe

If you wish to save a scaled quantity: 

  1. go into the edit mode for the recipe
  2. enter the scale factor 
  3. and save the recipe

The saved recipe will continue to display scaled ingredients until its changed. You can revert back to the original recipe at any time by changing the scale factor back to "1."

Note on scaling courses:

Component recipes do not have quantities and therefore do not scale with course garnishes. If you wish to designate quantities for linked component recipes, they can be added as ingredients.

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