Public Share Links

You can share recipes with anyone publicly, by generating a public link. The link will not allow people to edit or delete your recipe, only to view it. These links can be posted to social media, texted or emailed, or shared on a website. 
The shared recipe page will be similar to what you see on your page, but there are no controls or buttons on the shared page. The image below shows an example of a shared recipe.

 When you edit your recipe, the changes will be reflected in the shared version as well. If you wish to un-share a recipe, you can do so as well, by clicking on the "revoke link" button.

To Share Your Recipe:

1 Click on the "Export" button in the toolbar, on the upper right side of the recipe page.

2 Click "Create Share Link" 

This will give you a public web address where anyone can view your recipe. They will not be able to edit or delete the recipe.

To un-share your recipe, click on the "revoke link" button on the shared recipe pop-up window.

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