About Kohmee

Recipes in the Age of Technology

Kohmee is a dedicated recipe and menu management system for culinary professionals with home users in mind. Think of it as your own private recipe database.

Add, edit, catalog, organize, share recipes and menus.

It's your system, designed to work for you.

How Does It Work?

Kohmee provides each user their own centralized library for developing and cataloging original recipes, all within a secure web-accessible platform. This is an ideal solution for chefs, mixologists, cooks or anyone who has a growing catalog over time.

Users input their information and the recipe database app does all the necessary formatting. The clean, easy to read layouts can be printed or exported. All the information is stored in a secure cloud and can be accessed anywhere, using a computer or mobile device.

Users can compile sub-recipes into more complex courses, build menus/events and add staff members.

  • Single, dedicated system for building and storing recipes, composed courses and menus
  • Attach photos, pdfs and/or hyperlinks and make notes for each entry
  • No limits on number of recipes, menus etc. whether its 10, or 100,000
  • Access anywhere through desktop or mobile apps. No software installation required.
  • No need to maintain hundreds of text or spreadsheet files.
  • Automatically formats information into a consistent, easy-to-read layout
  • Link any number of recipes to composed courses without changing the original. No copy-paste or multiple files required

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