Creating and Editing Businesses

In order to create and edit new businesses, you must be an admin user. This is the user who first created the Kohmee account and has access to payment information. If you are a non-admin user on an account, you will not have access to the business features.

To Create a New Business

1. Click on the grey " +" button, available on any page.

2. Click " Add Business"

3. Enter the name and any additional information you wish to include.

4. Upload a logo, if desired. If you do not want to upload an image, it is not necessary. Note that all images will be cropped to a 1:1 ratio.

5. Click " Save" to finish.

Now that you've created your new business, you will see a blank recipe page (below). 

To Edit a Business

1. To edit a business's information, first click on the text name in the upper left corner of any page.

2. Click " Settings." You will be taken to the settings page where you first created your business.

3. Change any desired information, ie. Name, Description, Logo.
4. Click " Save" to save your changes.

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