Changing The Main Thumbnail Photo

When you upload a photo to a recipe, course or menu, it will display as the main thumbnail photo. The display image will default to the first one uploaded. If there is a link or video uploaded first, the display photo will be the first image.

You can change the main photo by moving it to the #1 spot in the media section. Any of the media can be re-ordered.

To Change the Main Photo:

  1. Click the edit button to edit the recipe/course/menu
  2. Click the icon with the 3 horizontal lines and drag to change the order of the photos

  3. Click the save button, or if there are no other changes, click the edit button again to save the changes
  4. The new thumbnail photo will display on the main recipes page 

The media order can be adjusted as much as needed. If you need to change the main thumbnail photo back to the original, just repeat the process and drag the desired media into the leftmost spot.

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