Recipe, Course and Menu Costing

We are hard at work developing functionality that will allow users to cost out their recipes. This feature will extend to courses which contain nested recipes, and entire menus. 

You will be able to set rules, create preferences, import invoice data, enter custom yields, add Q-factor, include labor cost and more. 

The specifics of this will be announced closer to the time of launch. We will be releasing updates as they become available. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list and never miss an update. 

When will costing be available?

Costing features will be introduced sometime in 2020. 

Will costing features cost more?

No. Basic costing will be included with every subscription tier at not additional cost. However, all of our base subscription rates will go up when we launch this new feature. Existing users will be guaranteed their current rates for a period of time. 

Will this change my current recipes?

No. Your recipes will stay the same, as will the current functionality of the Kohmee app.

Do I need to use costing?

No. The costing features are purely optional. Those users not wishing to use it, will not be bothered by it.

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