15% Off Promotion

Kohmee is running a limited promotion for 15% off the first 12 months of your subscription. This offer ends on August 18, 2019.

Use the promo code: SOIGNE15

We don't like having fine print, but unfortunately, its necessary. The part the lawyers made us include:

This offer is only valid until August 18, 2019, 11:59pm Pacific time. To redeem the offer, you must register an account and provide payment information. By redeeming this offer you agree to minimum of 1 billing cycle for the selected plan, without the option of a refund, either in full or partial. Users who pause or cancel their subscription at any time will immediately lose eligibility for this promotion. This offer is only valid for users within the United States. This offer is not valid in any location where local laws and regulations restrict all or part of the offer. Offer limit of one per person or Kohmee account. This offer can be redeemed once per Kohmee account. Accounts under this promotion may not be transferred, sold or otherwise change owners. This offer cannot be combined with other promotional offers. This offer cannot be applied to custom plans. All users are subject to Kohmee Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Accounts who's users are in violation of these terms will be terminated without notice and will not be eligible for refunds, prorated or otherwise. 

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